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Paraiba Projects Fixed Rate Bond


Paraiba Projects Fixed Rate Bond

The Paraiba Projects Bond is an asset backed 3 year investment offering annual returns of 11% per annum, plus a full return of your capital at the end of the investment term.

Key Characteristics of the Investment

  • A 3 year secured fixed rate bond issued by a UK based plc
  • 11% per annum returns paid annually, with return of capital on completion
  • The bonds issued will be used to finance the development of a 350 acre residential housing project in Brazil which is to be completed by a UK-based property developer
  • The investment is asset-backed with land title security equal to 125% of the value of the bonds issued, and has been verified by independent security trustees
  • Over 1/3 of the plots are already sold to the local Brazilian market and infrastructure development is well underway on the site
  • An FCA registered UK-based Independent Security Trustee acts as guardians for the investor
  • A minimum investment amount of just £3,000 is required
  • Available through Cash or Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) for qualifying investors

The Paraíba Projects Secured Fixed Rate Bond was launched in December 2014 with the objective of accelerating building projects in the North East of Brazil to meet the demand for middle-class and executive housing in the State of Paraíba.

The Bond will be used to finance the infrastructure development of a 350-acre residential condominium resort, Brisas de Coqueirinho Country Club, where all planning permissions and environmental licences are in place and work on the infrastructure has already started. More information on this development can be found at

The Brazilian economy has boomed for the last eight years and as a result the demand for high quality housing has significantly outpaced supply. The rapidly expanding Brazilian middle-class is replacing wealthy international buyers who used to dominate the market in major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Savills Property Spotlight, Brazil).

The Brazilian middle-income and wealthy classes number more than 130 million people. In the last ten years the number of poor has decreased as a share of the population from 42.5% to 32.5%. Consequently 20 million people have entered the ranks of the middle-class. (Brazilian Mutual Fund Industry Yearbook.) The booming economy, upwardly-mobile middle-classes, and the demand for housing have together created a significant and exciting investment opportunity.

Over a three-year period, investors will receive annual returns of 11% of the amount invested, paid on the anniversary of the Bond issue. The value of the Bond is secured by independently verified land title to 125% of the amount raised.

For investor protection the Bond is subject to the scrutiny of an independent security trustee with the power to realise the security amount.

Simple Steps to Investing

  • Please carefully read the invitation document
  • Complete and sign the Bond Application form and all other associated requirements
  • Enclose relevant anti-money laundering documents, (two forms of ID, one showing your current address which must also be dated within the last three months and one which must be a picture ID, such as a current passport or driving licence)
  • Paraiba Projects PLC will request funds with the payment details once anti-money laundering checks are complete
  • Bond Certificate issued to relevant parties
  • First returns paid 12 months from the end of the subscription date.

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