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Make a SSAS work for your business

With good business planning, the innovative entrepreneur can make a SSAS work for their business, whilst building their retirement fund.

What is a SSAS?

  • A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a registered pension scheme and can have a single member or up to 11 members.
  • It’s a pension fund that can improve cash flow by providing a loan back to your business
  • It’s a planning tool to reduce Corporation Tax
  • A home for investments that can grow free of UK Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • It’s a way to maximize the size of your Pension funds

 Why do I need a SSAS?

  • Because it can reduce your Corporation Tax liability
  • Because you have multiple pensions you want to consolidate for easy administration
  • It’s a fund for the future for you, your loved ones and your business partners with total access from age 55
  • Because you want to explore a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Because you want your investments to grow free of UK Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • Because you want to pass on your pension fund on death to your loved ones free of Inheritance Tax
  • Effective way to create the retirement you’ve always wanted whilst offering integral benefits to your business as you go
  • It can fund your businesses growth and be a source of funding if your business needs a cash injection

 How does it work?

  • We will meet with you and have a discussion about your needs and learn more about your business
  • We would arrange for an appraisal of any existing schemes pension schemes
  • We provide an annual administration service keeping you upto date with progress on your investments. We will liaise with the trustees of your SSAS and provide 6 or 12 monthly reporting and review for a fixed annual fee.
  • We generally only accept clients with a minimum initial investment amount of £50,000 which could be combined with proposed contributions and transfers from other pension schemes.

For more information about Small Self Administered Schemes contact Return on Capital Group on 0121 233 0699

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